When preparing for a concrete pour, the first step that must be taken is the measurement of the area to be filled. It is also helpful to let the dispatcher know the purpose of the concrete so we can best assist you in choosing the right mix for the job.

Concrete Volume Calculator:

To use the calculator enter in the width, length, and thickness of your pour area. This calculator will estimate to an accurate percentage the amount of concrete that you will need on your jobsite.

Project 1: Measuring the Volume of the Pour Area

Central Valley Concrete can deliver wire mesh or rebar directly to your job site. If you wish add additional strength and protection to your concrete without the hassle of rebar, request Fiber Mesh. Fiber Mesh is an additive that can be added directly to your load as it is being batched at one of our Ready Mix plants. Central Valley Concrete also has a wide assortment of retardants and accelerators that can be added based upon the needs of your jobsite.

Step 2: Determining if your pour requires additional support

Being a full service concrete provider, we have everything you might need during the pour. We carry sealers, boots, concrete tools, expansion joints, and repair compounds. We also carry a wide range of colors that can be directly added to your concrete as it is being batched.


We provide multiple brands of concrete coloring:


Davis Colors

Solomon Colors

Scofield Colors

Brickform Colors

Dynamic Color Solution Colors

Increte Colors

Lanxess Colors


Feel free to call us and request a brochure.

Step 3: Customizing your Purchase








Cubic Yards Required: